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[VIDEO] How to Install a Laundry Greywater System – PREVIEW

You are watching a preview of this video. The full video, which shows the complete process for installing a greywater system, is available for Growing Club Members only. Sign up for a membership here.

In Southern California, we draw on three major water sources for the water we use in our homes: water from the California State Water Project, which brings billions of gallons of water down from major dams in Northern California, water from the Owens Valley, which has drained an entire lake and decimated a farming community, and water from the Colorado River, which no longer reaches the ocean. Much of the time, after being transported and diverted by hundreds of miles, clean water runs straight from our taps down to the drain. A majority of our water has small amounts of soap added to it and a little bit of dirt. All of this water, called greywater, could be used in our landscapes to grow fruit trees and other edible crops (greywater is defined as waste water from bathroom sinks, showers, and laundry machines).

In this video, we show you how to install a Laundry-to-Landscape greywater system for your home. L2L systems are legal in the State of California, and do not even require a permit! These systems are also very cheap to install (less than $100) and can be done by any handy(ish) person.