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[VIDEO] How to Save Seeds at Home

How to Save Seeds At Home from The Growing Home

[VIDEO] How to Capture a Honey Bee Swarm

We thought we lost this video, but just happened to find it this week.  This video shows us recapturing our honey bees after they swarmed the day after we got them.  Pretty cool stuff, definitely a must watch!

[VIDEO] How to Build a Flood And Drain Nursery UPDATED

An updated video on how to build a flood & drain nursery system from readily available parts.   The system recycles water, and deep soaks your pots.

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[VIDEO] How To Collect Brassica Seed

A video on how to collect seed from any brassica family plant. The Brassica family includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, arugula, mustard, radish, and kale.

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[VIDEO] The Growing Home Seed Bank

A video on the seed bank/library at The Growing Home.  We have over 100 varieties of seed, mostly collected from our own home.

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[VIDEO]’s Building Our First Spiral Garden

After taking out an old bed in the front yard and removing our concrete patio in the back, we decided to build a spiral garden in the front. Check it out!

[VIDEO]’s Front Yard Redesign

We just redesigned our front yard, out by the street. Check out these videos on how we did it!

[VIDEO] Setting Up a Chicken Run

How we set up our chicken run for our organically kept chickens!

[VIDEO] Setting Up A Flood & Drain Nursery System

How to set up a flood & drain (AKA ebb & flow) system for your organic home nursery.

[VIDEO] Concrete Patio Removal

We decided to remove our concrete patio in the backyard.  Check out this video on how we did it.