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[TIPS] Sample Tips for Prospective Members

Each month member receive a few simple tips such as the ones below to guide them on their path to sustainability and regeneration.

Gardening Tip

Ladybugs are a gardeners best friend, because they are voracious eaters of a variety of “pests.”  Although many nurseries sell ladybugs, buying them is a waste of money since they will usually fly away within a day. Instead, attract ladybugs into your garden by planting a variety of plants that they (and you) will love. Carrot family plants are highly attractive to ladybugs: carrots, celery, dill, fennel, cilantro, Queen Anne’s lace, and caraway are just a few examples.  Always let a few of these plants flower for extra attractive qualities.

Cooking Tip

Non-stick pans are coated with chemicals and plastics that leach into your food.  Worst of all, they also rarely “non-stick,” and they heat and cook food unevenly.  Swap out cheap non-stick pans for higher quality cast-iron or stainless steel.  They will last longer and don’t impart chemicals into your food. 

Green Living Tip

Do you only watch TV at night? Add a timer to your TV (or any other electrical device) that turns the power off automatically during certain times of the day (for example, have the TV on only from 6pm to 10pm, and off the rest of the day).  Timers are cheap (under $10) and will easily pay back for themselves in a year or two. Here is an example timer.

February’s Theme: Seeds of Abundance

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